CaliCoin's Pet-a-Palooza Contest

May 17 - 23, 2021

Think your pet is the best? Here’s your chance to prove it!

Nominate your favourite pet for a chance to win up to 4,200 CALI ($100+ USD value).

Congratulations to the Top-5 Winners of the CaliCoin Pet-a-Palooza Contest! 

Thank you to everyone who took the time to show off their beautiful pets! It was a tough choice and a very close call, but here are your Top-5 Winners. 🤩

#1: Estrelinha (winner 4,200 CALI)

#2: George (winner of 2,100 CALI)

#3: Ren (winner of 1,250 CALI)

#4: Lucky (winner of 420 CALI)

#5: Agamemnon (winner of 210 CALI)

Each of the Top-5 Pet-Parents will be PM’d by our team within 24 hours for further details. Token distribution will be within 1-week.

Congratulations again and thanks so much for participating!

Event Duration:
17 May 2021, 12:00 GMT to 23 May 2021, 23:59 GMT


– 1st Place: 4,200 CALI ($100+ USD value)
– 2nd Place: 2,100 CALI ($50+ USD value)
– 3rd Place: 1,250 CALI ($30+ USD value)
– 4th Place: 420 CALI ($10+ USD value)
– 5th Place: 210 CALI ($5+ USD value)


Token Distribution:
Winners will receive their CALI within 1-week after the end of the announcement of winners


  • Any animal domesticated or non-domesticated may be nominated — we believe in diversity! Dogs? Cats? Rabbits? Birds? Monkeys? Cows? Sheep? Goats? Pigs? Elephants? All are welcome!
  • Please ensure that the animals are cage-free
  • Nominations are limited to 1 PET PER PERSON



1. CLICK HERE or on the button below to access the Contest Form.

2. Enter your Telegram ID and Name of your nominated pet.

3. Upload a photo of your pet with a handwritten note next to it with the following information (see below image as an example):

“CaliCoin (Today’s date)”

4. Winners will be announced on Telegram within 48-hours after the end of the event.

5. CALI’s will be sent to each winner’s ProBit or Ethereum wallet address within 1-week after the announcement.

Sample Photo of our pet “Cali”
(Please note that your photo should have the name of YOUR pet)


  • Photo must be clear, unedited, unfiltered with no added effects or colours
  • Note must be handwritten and all three items (Pet’s Name, CaliCoin, Today’s Date) must be clear, legible & easy to read
  • Note must be a part of the original photo and CANNOT be edited or Photoshopped in
  • Failure to comply will result in automatic disqualification

**CaliCoin reserves the right to utilise royalty-free any submitted photos for promotional purposes, at its sole discretion

Nominate Your Pet Now!
CLICK HERE and Fill Out the Nomination Form