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CaliCoin is a charity token and non-profit cryptocurrency donation platform devoted to helping what we call “Animals of Determination (AODs)” — which are disabled or homeless animals — around the world.

Our vision is to “marry” the emerging world of cryptocurrency with animal welfare. We support animal shelters and animal welfare organizations around the world to help them raise funds via crypto-donations.

CaliCoin provides a seamless, wallet-to-wallet transfer of donations directly to pre-qualified animal-based charities serving AODs around the world. 

CaliCoin donors can rest assured that their donations are helping Animals of Determination around the globe, and their funds are going directly to helping the animals without any of the issues which plague existing charitable giving options. CaliCoin leverages all of the inherent strengths of cryptocurrencies to ensure transparent, seamless, and documented donation.

CaliCoin is 100% non-profit and charges no overheads, no fees or commissions. However, as with all cryptocurrency transactions, there are mandatory, small transfer/network fees which are unfortunately beyond our control. As CaliCoin is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum Network, the actual transfer/network fee is dependent on the transaction complexity and current congestion of the ETH network. 

CaliCoin provides a 100% flow-through of funds from the donor to the charity. We keep nothing! We are simply a group of crypto-enthusiasts and animal lovers that want to give back to those without a voice.

Our team spends hours upon hours finding different charities across the globe. We study, research and conduct our due diligence with each and every charity that we feature. We hand-select the ones who qualify and meet our protocol and standards to give our donors the assurance that each organization is vetted.

Although we would love to help all animal charities, our focus is on smaller charities that are in dire need of financial assistance. These smaller charities take precedence over the larger, government or corporately-backed “chains” as we feel the animals there require more attention and awareness since they do not get as much exposure. 

Simply go to I’M A CHARITY, fill out the form and tell us a little about your organization. We will then start the due diligence process to see if your charity is a good fit for CaliCoin.

Like any group or organization, there is a natural ebb and flow of members in and out. CaliCoin is no different. 

Our goal is not to “accumulate” as many charities as possible, but to help the ones that share our passion, vision and business-operating principles. 

As such, as we gain experience with various charities, we learn more about which ones are a strong fit for our values, principles, and passions for animal welfare. We are always looking to optimize our charity roster. This is a never-ending process to ensure that we serve our donors.

We are currently accepting donations in CaliCoin (CALI) and its trading pairs, Ethereum (ETH), USD-Tether (USDT) and BNB. 

As CaliCoin is an ERC-20 and BEP20 token built on the Ethereum and BSC network, a "0x” native wallet is required to deposit, store and/or transact them. 

From here, you can follow the instructions on our HOW TO DONATE page.

The CaliCoin platform allows only cryptocurrencies for donations and does not accept any cash, credit card, PayPal or bank transfers. 

If you would like to donate in Fiat, please go to the charity’s individual website to find out how you can donate to them using these methods. 

CaliCoin is a 100% non-profit organization and charity token. We charge no overheads, fees or commissions and all expenses are privately-funded by our founders. 

Although we plan to list on more exchanges in the future as we expand our platform and reach, listing on an exchange is very costly and we therefore cannot expand to too many exchanges too quickly. Currently, our budget is focused on doing what we can to help Animals of Determination and their respective charities. 

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