Age:      18 months old

Gender: Female

Breed:   Jersey Cow

Sanctuary: Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary

Location:    Western Cape, South Africa


Luna was rescued by Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary from a calf crate where she was put after she failed to thrive when nursing from her mother. Normally she would have been raised to be a dairy cow but her fragility made the farmer doubt she would make it.  He therefore placed her in the calf crate shed alongside male calves where he aimed to raise her to the point where she could be slaughtered as veal.

Happily the team at Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary came across her and persuaded the farmer to let them have her.  He surrendered her because he thought she might die before she could have any value to him.

They raced backwards and forwards to the vet many, many times as Luna hovered between life and death.  She was so fragile that they raised her with lambs rather than with cows as they were too boisterous for her.  Today Luna is 18 months old, healthy and very beautiful.  She still hangs out with the lambs where she feels most comfortable.  Two of the volunteers, who raised her, each had tattoos on their arms saying ‘Lune and the lambs’!
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