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The CaliCoin Business Plans

The Roadmap

CaliCoin’s leadership team, coming from the world of fast-moving-consumer-goods (FMCG) aims to leverage best practices and a prudent approach to ensure operations are well-qualified; and all the aims and commitments behind CaliCoin are delivered upon. The goal is to begin full operations on April 5, 2021 and be fully global on a gradual, phased basis within 6 months, or by end-September 2021. Approach and timeline as follows:

Seed funding to finance all CaliCoin operating costs will be privately raised, primarily via CaliCoin founders. This is in order to deliver on the commitment that 100% of CaliCoin donations will go directly to the desired charity; and all operating costs of CaliCoin are separately, and privately, funded. Donors will pay nothing towards the operations of CaliCoin!

Pre-April 5

CaliCoin is listed on multiple exchanges, with focus on UniSwap (Decentralized) and ProBit (Centralized) which is a world-wide top 30 exchange based out of Korea.

April 5

Marketing of CaliCoin shall commence, including targeted digital marketing using state of the art techniques. Marketing will NOT be focused on fundraising for CaliCoin, but for Donations via CaliCoin. All costs of marketing are funded via the private seed funding and is not financed in any manner via CaliCoin purchases and donations.

April 6

The CaliCoin team will be qualifying new countries and recipients at a rate of 2 countries per week. Target of a qualified presence in the top 20 pet markets will be achieved by September 30, 2021.

April 6 – End August

We’ll be launching on the Binance Smart Chain to take advantage of thriving ecosystems and lower gas fees to attract new investors and grow the CaliCoin community across new territories. We aim to launch by the end of September using a discounted “Fair Launch” strategy. 


CaliCoin will be utilizing techniques leveraged in leading businesses to capture continual learnings and feedback loops to fine-tune the operation. This will include periodic inspections of recipient organizations to ensure compliance to CaliCoin’s rigorous standards for being a qualified recipient. CaliCoin will operate a “zero tolerance” policy and any deviation from good stewardship shall result in an organization being dropped from the qualified CaliCoin list.


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