Technical Facts About $CALI

CaliCoin Facts:

  • ERC-20 & BEP20 Token
  • 100 Million Tokens; Fixed Supply
  • Listed on: Pancakeswap & Probit

Allocation of Funds

All Operating Costs are Funded Privately & Separately to Fulfill the CaliCoin Mission

Token Distribution

* Tokens are locked for a 12-month period via Smart Contracts

40% ICO and Initial Float

This allocation shall be gradually titrated into the market to help maintain market security. We project titration shall extend for 36 months.

20% Early Backers, Investors, and Advisors

These coins shall be locked for a minimum of 12 months which is standard practice and ensures ongoing commitment to the project.

15% Team

These are used as awards and motivation for the key individuals working on the operations and business development side. Again, these tokens are locked for a minimum of 12 months.

10% Member Veterinarians

These tokens are used as incentives to bring new veterinarians into the ecosystem. Bound by minimum 12 months vesting period.

10% Reserve

These tokens are locked for unforeseen ventures or development expenses. Only unlocked via community votes after proper disclosure of nature of the rising venture.

5% Bounty Programs

A standard practice, this is a part of the overall CaliCoin marketing plan, aimed at broadening use of CaliCoin and attracting added investors.


Whilst it goes without saying, we unfortunately need to make a few points abundantly clear:


Buying and investing in cryptocurrencies is inherently volatile and risky, and anyone partaking of a purchase and/or investment in CaliCoin does so at their own discretion and risk. The founders and management team of CaliCoin take no responsibility whatsoever for any material losses, tangible or intangible, related to the purchase or investment in CaliCoin. We are all grown-ups, and we all take responsibility for the choices we make in life!


The Founders and Management team of CaliCoin shall make every reasonable effort to perform due diligence on prospective recipient AOD charities and ensure ethical and transparent operations. However, with such institutions being based in far-flung external markets, CaliCoin cannot 100% guarantee that in each case the recipient AOD charity is truly operating to the standards outlined in this white paper. CaliCoin shall endeavor to do very best efforts to ensure quality standards of operation are upheld and will expel any recipient charity not abiding by the principles and standards. But it is inevitable possible violations shall fall below the radar screen of regular inspections.


CaliCoin founders and management team reserves the right to amend any of the operating principles and strategies outlined in this white paper, if justified based upon real market learnings upon expansion. Any such changes shall be clearly communicated to purchasers and investors in CaliCoin via our official website.

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