How it Works

The Solution

CaliCoin is an ERC-20 token, piggybacking off the established and high-pedigree Ethereum platform. CaliCoin is offered for sale across multiple exchanges, both centralized and decentralized.


The simple flow diagram below illustrates how the CaliCoin ecosystem works:

1. Due Diligence
CaliCoin Team Conducts Due Diligence on AOD Charities and Veterinarians across the world; Verifying Operating Practices & Management Team
2. Admittance into CaliCoin System
Qualified AOD Charities and Veterinarians are Admitted into the CaliCoin Ecosystem
3. Donor Purchases CaliCoin
Prospective AOD Donor Purchases CaliCoin Quantity which Corresponds to Desired Donation Amount from one of the Multiple Exchanges where CaliCoin can be Obtained
4. Donor Selects Charity
Prospective AOD Donor Desires to make a Donation & Selects Destination (Country) & Charity from CaliCoin Ecosystem
5. Wallet-to-Wallet Transfer
Upon Selection of Desired Destination, CaliCoin site provides a Direct Wallet-to-Wallet transfer of CaliCoins from Donor Wallet to AOD Charity Wallet
6. Disperse Funds
AOD Charity May Disperse Funds in 3 Different Ways
Vet Fees
Pay for Veterinary Fees with a CaliCoin-Qualified Veterinarian
Convert to Fiat Currency for Other Operating Costs
Hold in Reserve for Future Expenses